How much does a PCR test cost ? Find test prices in Tbilisi

In which laboratories should we do PCR testing in Tbilisi, Georgia

There are many non-accredited laboratories that offer patients PCR testing. The distinguishing feature of such clinics is that they offer users to do the test at a very low price and in a very short time. Doing a PCR test in such non-accredited laboratories is very dangerous. You may be a victim of fraud. It is also possible that PSR Tets’s response will be delayed and this will affect your plans.

We present a list of accredited laboratories:

PCR For International Travelers

PCR Test Tbilisi

Pcr test price 1 PCR Test Tbilisi

American Medical Centers

Pcr test tbilisi price 8 PCR Test Tbilisi


Pcr test tbilisi price 2 PCR Test Tbilisi

Med diagnostics

Pcr test tbilisi price 11 PCR Test Tbilisi

National Laboratory of Genetics

Pcr test tbilisi price 10 PCR Test Tbilisi

Mardaleishvili Medical Centre

Pcr test tbilisi price 4 PCR Test Tbilisi


Pcr test tbilisi price 6 PCR Test Tbilisi

Cito Medical Center

To enter Georgia, they must meet the following conditions:

A document confirming the PCR survey conducted in the last 72 hours prior to the border crossing must be submitted at the border checkpoint; On the 3rd day after crossing the border, they must conduct a PCR examination, at their own expense.

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